Consulting services from process experts

Process Expert is a collaboration-oriented RFID integration company. We work with organizations to analyze processes and determine the best methods to resolve issues and improve performance. We help organizations select the most appropriate technologies based on cost/benefit analyses, and use advanced simulation for improvement and proposal validation.

We provide implementation and integration of proposed methods and systems, as well as maintenance and upgrade services. Our complete set of expertise provides front to back projects, from process and site analysis to full integration. We ensure buy-in of proposed improvements at all organizational levels, and place customer satisfaction as our #1 goal!

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Process Improvement

We analyze process inefficiencies, set productivity and cost-saving goals, and redesign the process to achieve these goals with RFID and other process improvement techniques.

Process Expert Breakeven

Economic Analysis

We design new processes such that benefits are maximized and costs minimized, including payback period and return on investment.

Process Expert Warehouse

Tracking and Traceability

We design RFID systems that provide efficient tracking through minimal process intervention. Our systems do not generate more work; instead they make the manufacturing or service process more efficient.

Industries Served
Process Expert Medical Support


Process Expert Defense Support


Process Expert Utility/Energy Support


Process Expert Manufacturing/Logistic Support


Traceability Services
Process Expert Inventory Tracking

Inventory Tracking

We provide effortless physical inventory reporting and resolve inventory shrinkage problems. Our presence in your organization will be embraced and the results transforming!

Process Expert Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Spend your time adding value, not micro-managing! Your new RFID system will make sure your computers, printers, furniture, and other administrative assets help you add value from their assigned location.

Process Expert Tool Tracking

Tool Tracking

We provide effortless user-friendly check-in and check-out systems! Searching for lost oscilloscopes, IVAC, and screwdrivers is out when Process Expert RFID is in!